When purchasing one of our nutrition plans you will get an personalised plan sent to your email every sunday. The plan is designed and adjusted to you individually by your gender, weight, height, age, physical activity and your goals.


When purchasing our training program you will recieve an updated training schedule designed to fit in between your training sessions and help you improve your strenght and endurance on the field. 

We at FootballFurtherance are a group of nutrition and performance specialists who would like to help others reach their full potential. We work with professional footballers as well as junior pros. Having set yourself a goal is one thing, but without guidance and input you will most likely use a huge amount of unnecessary time. On behalf of that, we here at FootballFurtherance stand for exploitation and efficiency




Do i recieve the same plan every week?

Our nutrition plan system is subscriptional. That means you will receive a new nutrition plan for the coming week every sunday. The plan you receive will never be the same. This is because we adjust your nutrition plan for you to get the oppurtunity to eat a variety of different food. This is one of the most important aspects when eating healthy. To vary what you eat!

Why choose us? 

You can always rely on our guidance. Your plan is made by professionals with educational background for guiding footballers with intentions of wanting to make it easier for you to improve and therefore take your level at football to a higher level. Our goal is to help as many future professional players.

Can i cancel my subscription?

If you feel like cancelling your subscription, you can easily do this at any time.

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